It’s Kansas!

by Ronda Miller and Roy Beckemeyer 

Kansas is no longer the Wild West

The serial killer Benders are gone

But concealed carry may change all that

And BTK roamed way too long

I'm pro choice

I'm pro life

We both believe in evolution

but not execution.


We believe in God

but Buddha

and Allah

are close friends of ours.

We have six universities,

that's six basketball teams

I'm pro Jayhawk

I'm a Shocker fan

We love our cultural diversity


Kansans are filled

with pride of heritage,

work ethics,

inspired by expansive skies

 and harsh weather.

We fish, hunt and kiss under the harvest moon

and cut wheat by starlight

I'm a simple man

I'm a complex woman

I'm a Democrat

I'm a Republican


We vote for the one we think is the best



leader, for our land

We complain about wind chill

but love the wind,

Wheat fields

and cottonwood trees

From Pittsburg

to Saint Francis,


We love feeling free

Free State!

Slave State!

Air Capital!

Bleeding Kansas!

Wyatt Earp!

Carry Nation!

The Cimarron Trail!

The Kansas Turnpike!


Black Angus!

Big Bluestem!


We are immigrants!

We were born here!

Russia, Sweden,

Germany, Viet Nam,

Laos, Pakistan,

Nigeria, Ethiopia.

I plant

I raise beef

I build airplanes

I drill for oil

I teach

I am unemployed

I raise a family.


Don't call my state

a red state

or a blue state

It's a red, white and blue state

It's MY state

and  MY state

It's your state

It's their state

It's OUR state - it's Kansas!